Private Life Photos

Hey Guys, we always shooting… sometimes we making some realy nice images even with my mobile phone, livecam or with my GoPro 3+… So I think worth to share :) So here comes my selfi shots! Also don’t forget to checkout my Professional Photos

    20131015-081118.jpg 20131018-161619.jpg 20130821-120904.jpg 20130808-114503.jpg  20130406-081320.jpg 20130321-070443.jpg

IMG_4791.JPG    IMG_4918.JPG   IMG_4258.JPG IMG_3695.JPG IMG_3692.JPG IMG_3689.JPG IMG_4666.JPG 20140307-085115.jpg 20140315-230448.jpg 20140211-073606.jpg 20140201-142944.jpg 20140202-220815.jpg